Josh's Peak Performance Training is an in-depth exploration of the Learning Process, Performance Psychology, Day Architecture, Energy Management, Leadership, Culture Building, Creativity and Idea Generation.




With a select clientele of elite Portfolio Managers and Leaders, this highly individualized training system begins with a unique psychological and physiological diagnostic process -- developed over the years from a combination of Josh’s learning systems, his breakdown of world-class opponents in both chess and the martial arts, and his work training top performers.

Focusing on the movement from good to great, or great to truly elite, Josh’s system is based on his strengths of psychological pattern recognition—revealing and releasing the crimps to unobstructed self-expression. Each training program is unique, sculpted around the evolving nuance of the client. Habit creation, daily routines, energy dynamics (ie sleep, nutrition, fitness), biometrics, journals, and thematic growth are tracked and nurtured in real time.

Clientele focus is leaders in the financial, environmental or social impact spaces, in addition to distinguished athletes.



  • Leadership and Culture Building

  • Comprehensive Energy Management Program

  • Josh's Unique Approach to Day Architecture

  • The Art of Subtraction

  • Quality vs. Quantity. Practicing Quality as a Way of Life

  • Proactivity + Internal Orientation vs. Reactivity + External Orientation

  • Maximizing Flow and Stretch Time

  • Parallel Learning and Non-local Habit Creation

  • Resilience

  • Performance Psychology

  • Creativity and Idea Generation

  • Living on the Other Side of Pain: Josh's system for incrementally shifting one's relationship to mental or physical resistance

  • Mindfulness

  • Cultivating an increasingly nuanced introspective sensitivity

  • The systemic movement toward Unobstructed Self Expression

Josh has yet to write about the continued development of his training systems since The Art of Learning, but discusses some of his latest thoughts in this podcast, with acclaimed author Tim Ferriss.